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Transform with The Idea Smith

We help organisations become
fit for today and
ready for the future

At The Idea Smith we connect every dot, reimagine every process and reinvent companies' way of working. We accelerate lean transformation and business process improvement to create bold, lasting results. We create better business outcomes through continuous improvement. 

We are rule breakers and risk takers who see the world differently, and are bold enough to reinvent it. Come, transform with us.

Business Transformation Services


Taking your business to the next level

Let’s talk about how TIS can help transform your business, improve employee engagement, and work as a transformer to tackle your most important strategic challenges.

Lean Enterprise

Developing an organisation that continuously seeks out and eliminates waste is one of the key factors in sustaining your transformation activities. The Idea Smith designs and develops your organisation for autonomous continuous improvement in order to achieve Operational Excellence across all the five domains “Leadership’ “People” “Processes” “Technology” “Data”

Lean Leadership

How do I encourage people to take initiative to find solutions?

What barriers must be broken down in order to get improvement ideas flowing inside-out?

How do I build trust within teams ? How do I get them to work towards Organisation Goals ?

What must I do to change from being a reactive “firefighter” to becoming a proactive “systems thinker” ?

How can I get our employees to be accountable, to take ownership ?

Leaders expect higher performance and changes in behaviour from their subordinates, in order to get this desired outcome we train leaders to transform themselves and lead by example.

Lean Strategy / Hoshin Kanri

We help you decide where you want to be in the future and chart the road map of how to get there. Two of the most common questions we hear are “Where do we start” and “How will Lean fit into our organisation” ?


We help your organisation identify the most important breakthrough goals and then deploy them through iterative process of cascading through the organisation. This ensures that everyone is working on the right things that will achieve the company vision and goals. We help your ensure that the whole business portfolio is worth more than the sum of its parts


Business Process Improvement

We love problem solving and process improvement. We help you implement practical and sustainable solutions to your business challenges. Is your organisation ready to take Lean to the next level? Our approach results in accelerated performance improvement, fully engaged employees, and greater customer satisfaction.

Lean Training

We believe high performing teams are essential for long term success and we love developing the motivation, engagement, and skills to foster the culture of Continuous Improvement in your business. If you believe “people are your best assets” we can train them to achieve Operational Excellence.

Lean Audit and Evaluation

A lean assessment (Business Health Diagnostic) is the first step to understanding where your organisation currently stands and what major activities need to be done to transform your organisation into a Lean enterprise. Our lean assessment accurately outlines  the current score in a range of key areas which include inventory, efficiency, quality, equipment maintenance, productivity,, lean culture & detailed financial analysis.

Lean Accounting

Lean accounting means aligning financial management with your company’s Lean strategies We help you streamline accounting processes that maximise productivity, service, quality and profit.

Balance  Score Card

Align individual goals with the “Big Picture” strategic road map.

Our BSC consulting focuses on appropriate devolution of vision and strategy into measurable goals of every level.

World Class Manufacturing

WCM is the philosophy of being the best, the fastest, and the lowest cost producer of a product or service. Our team helps to inculcate the culture of Continuous Improvement, which is based upon the idea that there is always room for improvement.


About Us



We are The Idea Smith, a company that specialises in making the manufacturing world more productive.



We design and build best-in-class products and services that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing.


We believe in Excellence – and we love to express it through our work.

We absolutely love to share knowledge. The world is far too complicated, so we love to take complex concepts and make them simple, practical, and profitable.


Lean Manufacturing | Industrial Engineering | Continuous Improvement | Process Standardisation | Business Process Improvement | Performance Metrics &Dashboards | Strategic Roadmaps and Balance Score Cards.

"We love seeing businesses go on to reach their potential, reward employees and owners and wow their customers"
- Nimish Dave (Founder)


Client Testimonials

Topller Lifestyle Fashions Pvt. Ltd.

After seeing the success of other organisations, we wanted to use Lean methodologies to transform our company’s internal processes and culture. The Idea Smith was engaged to bring us through this demanding process. They provided a hands-on, simple and methodical approach to the transformation process. Through their coaching and engagement of our workforce in lean thinking, we were able to identify waste in our organization. They have provided support that is not just focused on implementing a tool, but on building a culture that will be so important to our sustained success. While the immediate cost savings generated from the work has been exciting, perhaps the most rewarding aspect is to see the transformation from a reactive culture to a proactive thinking culture, something that will provide us sustained performance.

-Kapil Gupta 

Managing Director

Abhinandan Creations Pvt. Ltd.

Bringing Nimish bhai (The Idea Smith) on board has been the best decision that we have taken for our organisation. He and The Idea Smith team has given us a completely different view point to look at the manufacturing process.It was a new learning for us.

From a blank unit six months ago to a fully fledged operating factory achieving good levels of efficiency, productivity and quality has been the hallmark of The Idea Smith.

The Idea Smith has helped us optimise complex process and systems, implemented advanced industrial engineering concepts on the floor, dramatically improve productivity and performance, and helping us improve continuously on a daily basis,

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude towards Nimish bhai and team's effort in moulding our factory to the world class manufacturing facility.

-Subash Kubadia

Managing Director

Best Marine Pvt. Ltd.

The Continuous Improvement journey (KAIZEN) under the guidance of The Idea Smith is helping our Manufacturing Unit (Safewear) improve daily.

We are now looking to accelerate our growth plans and soon we would be undertaking capacity expansion to double our output.

Kudos to The Idea Smith for guiding us through our Business Process Improvement, Lean Manufacturing & Continuous Improvement journey.

We have no hesitation in giving our highest recommendation to Mr. Nimish Dave and his team members.

Make them a part of your organisation and see the Magic happen.

-Mohammed Amin

Managing Director

Denimach (Armana Group)

Our mission statement is simple - "to be the leanest and the most efficient
manufacturer of denim jeans in Bangladesh." The Idea Smith has helped us
achieve our objectives and exceed them. We have been able to improve
efficiency and productivity, increase sales, reduce cost of produced minutes,
reduce man to machine ratio, reduce defects, improve net profits and enhance
customer satisfaction. We’d highly recommend team The Idea Smith to anyone
looking to transform their organisation.

-Sandeep Golam

Director Operations

Fiori Creations

Working with The Idea Smith team has certainly seen a Paradigm shift in our approach to manufacturing. We certainly thank them for designing the best in class plant layout (as per international standards) for us. They have helped us build a state of the art manufacturing facility and have established a new age system that helps us optimise people, production, performance and process.

If you are thinking of transforming your organisation or planning to set up a Greenfield, my advice would be to get The Idea Smith on board.


-Vikramjit Singh

Managing Director

Brij Designs

We needed to take our company to the next level and to help us achieve our
goal we needed to enhance our throughput, become more efficient and
communicate more effectively throughout the organization. The Idea Smith
has significantly enhanced our success in obtaining increased manufacturing
throughput and efficiency as well as a culture of employee empowerment. We
have learned how to analyze our processes and streamline our procedures
which have enhanced our ability to quickly respond to our customers.


-Kshitj Rohatgi
Managing Director


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