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Transform with The Idea Smith

We meticulously craft solutions tailored for manufacturing companies seeking excellence.

At The Idea Smith, we define ourselves through a commitment to precision, innovation and transformative strategies. We create better business outcomes through continuous improvement.

The Idea Smith: Shaping Tomorrow, Today!

Business Transformation Services


Taking your business to the next level

Our services collectively form a dynamic suite tailored for manufacturing companies, driving them toward excellence and sustainable growth. 

Lean Transformation

Efficiently optimize operations and instill a culture of continuous improvement through our Lean Transformation service. We collaborate closely with manufacturing companies to streamline processes and eliminate waste, fostering a path to operational excellence.

Digital Transformation

Navigate the future with confidence through our Digital Transformation service. We craft comprehensive digital strategies that integrate advanced technologies, data analytics, and smart solutions, ensuring a seamless journey into the digital age.

World-Class Manufacturing

Elevate manufacturing standards with our World-Class Manufacturing service. We guide companies towards heightened productivity, quality, and global competitiveness by implementing cutting-edge methodologies and best practices.


Smart Factory Solutions

Revolutionize manufacturing with our Smart Factory Solutions. Harnessing Industry 4.0 technologies like IoT and AI, we create intelligent, interconnected factories that enhance real-time control, enable predictive maintenance, and optimize resource utilization.

Business Health Check-up

Gain a strategic edge with our Business Health Check-up service. We conduct thorough assessments to evaluate the vitality of your business, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. This diagnostic approach enables informed decision-making and lays the foundation for sustained growth.

Greenfield Projects

Embark on innovative ventures with our Greenfield Projects service. We guide manufacturing companies in developing projects from the ground up, ensuring optimal resource allocation, risk mitigation, and successful project execution. Our expertise transforms ideas into thriving, sustainable realities.

Lean Digital Consulting

Merge Lean principles with digital prowess through our Lean Digital Consulting service. We seamlessly integrate lean methodologies with cutting-edge digital solutions, optimizing processes, and fostering innovation. This hybrid approach propels organizations toward efficiency in the digital landscape.

Detailed Project Report

Ensure project success with our Detailed Project Report service. We provide comprehensive, data-driven reports that outline project scopes, timelines, and resource requirements. Our meticulous approach ensures clarity, transparency, and strategic guidance for seamless project execution.

Balance Scorecards

Align individual goals with the “Big Picture” strategic road map.

Our BSC consulting focuses on appropriate devolution of vision and strategy into measurable goals of every level.


About Us



We are The Idea Smith, a company that specialises in making the manufacturing world more productive.



We design and build best-in-class products and services that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing.


We believe in Excellence – and we love to express it through our work.

We absolutely love to share knowledge. The world is far too complicated, so we love to take complex concepts and make them simple, practical, and profitable.


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"We love seeing businesses go on to reach their potential, reward employees and owners and WOW their customers"
- Nimish Dave (Founder)


Topller Lifestyle Fashions Pvt. Ltd.

After seeing the success of other organisations, we wanted to use Lean methodologies to transform our company’s internal processes and culture. The Idea Smith was engaged to bring us through this demanding process. They provided a hands-on, simple and methodical approach to the transformation process. Through their coaching and engagement of our workforce in lean thinking, we were able to identify waste in our organization. They have provided support that is not just focused on implementing a tool, but on building a culture that will be so important to our sustained success. While the immediate cost savings generated from the work has been exciting, perhaps the most rewarding aspect is to see the transformation from a reactive culture to a proactive thinking culture, something that will provide us sustained performance.

Mr. Kapil Gupta, Managing Director


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