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Business Health Check Up with The Idea Smith

Take Control of your Business NOW and secure its FUTURE

There is no time like the present for a business health check up. Coronavirus and its economic impact present business conditions we’ve never seen before. So whether you’re the family business owner with 30 years of history to protect, the start up entrepreneur, or the business leader of an essential business struggling to keep the business alive, it’s important to check the vital signs TODAY.

External Elements:

How is the business dealing with the factors beyond its control?

Vision For The Business:

What do you want the future of the business to be about?

Objectives, Strategies, and Plans:

What are the things you need to do to make this vision a reality?

Structure And Culture To Provide Support For The Strategies:

How do you intend to organize the people, funds, resources and everything needed to run the business?

Marketing, Sales & Business Development:

How do you intend to inform prospects about the business and what are your plans for transforming them into customers? How do you plan to keep and cultivate the best possible customers, products, and services?

Production, Operations & Logistics:

How do you intend to source, produce, and manage goods and services to satisfy your customers while maintaining good quality, consistency and cost competitiveness?

Accounting, Finance & Cash Flow:

How do you intend to manage the bookkeeping, accounting and all the necessary financial information, while making sure that the business requirements can be taken care of by the cash flow and at the same time yield a positive cash flow for the business owner?

People & HR:

How do you locate and manage the people most suitable to run the business?

The Procedure, Systems and Information required to organise everything: What particular system and technique do you require to provide support for every facet of the business?

Business owners, rightly having a strong emotional connection to their business, often find it difficult to look objectively and clinically at the root causes of issues. All businesses have weaknesses as well as strengths. If you want to sustain and grow your business, it’s vital to address these issues before they threaten your chances of long-term success. Discover your blind spots, inefficiencies and limitations with our Business Health checkup :

What does the Business health Check cover?

Unearth your strength and ailments through a collection of methodologies – process mapping, financial analysis, employee interviews, surveys, operational analytics.

The health check is a robust process lasting about 6-8 weeks and covers deep insights into

1) Business Strategy and planning

2) Financial Management

3) Process and Procedures

4) Operational Performance metrics (Efficiency, Productivity, Quality, Costs)

5) Customer Satisfaction

6) Business Teams (People, Management and Culture)

The Idea Smith Business Health check-up will outline your current positions, identify your business potential and recommend the right strategies to enhance your business performance.

How does this help my Organisation ?

The Idea Smith Business Health check-up helps your organisation to

Ø Realign Strategy to Operations

Ø Grow Revenues and profits

Ø Raise capital to start, grow, reinvest in, or buy a business.

Ø It gives you a neutral and unbiased SWOT analysis.

Ø It reveals the ACTUAL financial position of the business and cash flow issues

Ø It identifies ALL factors affecting the profit margins

Ø It helps you to manage people and culture within your organisation

The Information is easy to understand and identifies how to improve your company’s financial and Operational health. Practical, hassle free and with proven results, our Business Health check-up has helped many businesses improve cost effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, performance, customer satisfaction and profitability.

A healthy business is as important as a healthy body, it will bring growth and prosperity to all its stakeholders.

Schedule a Business Health Check-Up of your organisation NOW!

To your Good Health

Nimish Dave

+91 9650733993 ♦


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