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Create the Factory of the Future

The question on everybody’s mind – How can we build a State of the Art manufacturing facility incorporating the whole potential of Lean Principles + World Class Manufacturing + Technology and Digital Solutions (Industrie 4.0) ?

The “World Class Manufacturing” is a system based upon “Continuous Improvement” focussed on elimination of Waste, creating Value and doing more with Less.

Industrie 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes Big Data, Predictive Maintenance, Cloud computing, IoT, etc .

Our mission is to help companies set up “World Class Manufacturing” factories incorporating Lean Principles leading to Industrie 4.0 Goals.

We are the best consulting company that exists in the garment manufacturing domain. A brief profile of our company.

We offer Turnkey project consulting to Apparel Industry ranging from concept to commercial production and management consulting.


PROJECT PREPARATION : Conceptualisation, Identification and finalisation of sites, Feasibility studies, Risk Management framework. Business Plan and modelling, Detailed "What If" Analytics, Company/Country/State analysis.

FINANCIALS : Project Analysis, Detailed Project Report (DPR), Budgeting for Turnkey Project, Break even and Profitability analysis.

TECHNOLOGY DEPLOYMENT : Providing the most appropriate Technology and Machinery selection for your Product.

PROJECT EXECUTION : Industrial Engineering, Mapping the Process Flow, Plant Layout (to meet International Standards) Project Management, Construction Supervision, Operational Management till commercial production, Manpower staffing, Induction of Workers, Implementing SOP’s of HR, ADMIN and PRODUCTION Departments,

MANAGEMENT CONSULTING: General guidelines, technical and commercial counselling, Growth strategy, Process improvement, implementing BEST Practices across all Management domains.

BUSINESS EXCELLENCE : Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement, Performance Review and Benchmarking, Implementing Balance Score Card, Incorporating World Class Manufacturing systems and Industrie 4.0 Goals.

FROM "Design - Construction - Technology solutions - Procurement - Implementation - Recruitment - Commercial Production - Lean Manufacturing - Continuous Improvement - TO Profitability”

"One Stop Solution” to all your Business needs.

Call / mail us to know more on how we can assist you in creating a “Manufacturing Excellence” model.

With Lean regards

Nimish Dave

+91 9650733993 ♦

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