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How to increase your EBITDA by 100%

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Q. As the CEO of your company what is the #1 Goal that you should set for your self ?

A. Increasing your EBITDA by 100 % or more

Your profit margin is a metric that should always be on your radar, it is important to note though, this isn’t something that you should measure; it’s a metric that you should continuously improve.

The only way to make this possible : -

  • Reduction of lead times can increase it by 25-30%

  • Increase in Efficiency can increase it by 20-25%

  • Cutting room optimisation can increase it by 20-25%

  • Plant layout optimisation can bring an increase of 20-25%

  • Supply chain optimisation can bring an increase of 30-40%

“Most companies do not lose out to competition; they are thrashed to death by the WASTE within”.

To know exactly what are your current levels of:-

  1. Cost of Waste,

  2. Cost of Poor Quality

  3. Current Efficiencies & Productivity

  4. Supply chain gaps

  5. Your current and potential EBITDA.

And how exactly can you plan to reduce your wastes, non value added activities, gaps, inefficiencies - Schedule a Business Health Check-up of your organisation NOW!!!!

Our team of financial & industrial experts will help map the current state of your company, estimate the potential and unleash the Radical Business Transformation (LEAN 1) which enables you to achieve your EBITDA goals.

LEAN 1 is arguably the most effective, result oriented, radical business transformation programme in the world. It encompasses Lean Manufacturing, Industrial engineering, Organisation Development, Theory of Constraints, Balanced Scorecard and Continuous Improvement methodologies.

Time is certainly not your ally. Do the needful NOW.

Profitable Regards Nimish Dave

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